Redmine ERD Diagrams

Here are Redmine ERD Diagrams for version 3.1.1, generated on October 2015 by following tools:

Rails ERD

Attempt 1:
Command: rake erd
Result: Erd.pdf - pretty ugly and unusable

Attempt 2:
Command: rake erd orientation=vertical title="Redmine"
Result Erd.pdf - better, but still unusable, all lines are same color, and too organic
Supposingly, erd tool can generate dot file, which can be tweaked with graphviz's dot tool.

Results from RailRoady tool

Attempt 1:
Command: rake diagram:all
Redmine model complete - pretty good and usable
Redmine model brief - pretty good and usable
Redmine controllers brief - unusable...
Redmine controllers complete - pretty good and usable

Note: Use the SVG viewer click here
		Note: test server configuration
Graphviz 2.36.0
Ruby 1.9.3
Redmine 3.1.1
Ubuntu 14.04