Top Recipes!

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Redmine and SCRUM

Read in Chapter 4

Configure Redmine to get most out of SCRUM

Issue code relationship

Read in Chapter 4

Enforce issue-code relationship, and configure Redmine to pull updates automatically!

Paste images from clipboard

Read in Chapter 8

Directly into issues, documents or wiki pages.

Speed up Redmine

Read in Chapter 6

Reduce startup time, get the most from your server! Or scale to multiple servers!

Help Desk

Read in Chapter 10

Configure Redmine as a Help desk with auto-responder

Use word like text editor

Read in Chapter 9

Instead of Textile or Markup, use Text Formatting with CKEditor

Customize Redmine

Read in Chapter 2

Use custom theme, use company logo, customize issue entry form etc...

Agile & Kanban

Read in Chapter 8

Configure Redmine for Agile/Kanban dashboards, roles etc...


Read in Chapter 3

Make sure everybody is optimally loaded with work, and your KIP's are good

Interact with customers

Read in Chapter 9

Connect your website's contact form with Redmine


Read in Chapter 1

Install and run Redmine on Windows Server 2012, IIS and Microsoft SQL Server.

Redmine & Jenkins

Read in Chapter 8

Acheive continous integration, raise issue when build fails...