How to clear Redmine cache and sessions

Have you ever wondered is your Redmine or EasyRedmine using cache, and you can properly clear it?

This tutorial will teach you exactly that.

To clear Redmine cache properly, we are going to use rake task.

Rake is a software task management and build automation tool. It allows the user to specify tasks and describe dependencies as well as to group tasks in a namespace. It's based on Ruby programming language, and uses .Rakefile to perform various software configuration and maintenance tasks. Redmine also comes with some Rake tasks available. To see all available Rake tasks,

  1. login to your server via ssh
  2. navigate to your Redmine's installation directory, for example:
    cd /home/redmine
  3. list all available tasks​
    bundle exec rake -T RAILS_ENV=production
  4. You can see listed task rake tmp:clear, to execute it type:
    bundle exec rake tmp:clear RAILS_ENV=production