Better tuning then upgrading your Redmine's mysql from 5.5 to 5.7 upgrade not recommended on windows

I won't get into mysql performance tuning details with you, but trust me I tried everything I could find on google, like tuning with tool X or Y, turning off binary logs, setting innodb flushing to async etc...

The test we performed is running a view on all issues on 10k issues

We were running test on windows 10. Other data is irrelelvant for accuracy of the test.

What we did with our server is following:

we had mysql 5.5.34 which we backed up, then we installed (unzipped) 5.7.17, copied 5.5's data into 5.7's data directory, adjusted 5.5's file then run

mysql.exe --console --standalone

Fixed incompatibilities with .ini file, and 

Upgraded databases with

mysql_upgrade -u root -p

And started server, same way 5.5 was started

So, here are numbers, excerped from Redmine's production.log while performing same action, before and after upgrade!

Server version 5.5.34

Completed 200 OK in 1071.7ms (Views: 393.0ms | ActiveRecord: 491.2ms)

Server version 5.7.17
Completed 200 OK in 4792.6ms (Views: 359.5ms | ActiveRecord: 4225.5ms)

Then after realizing it's not good for us, we figured out to try tuning 5.5, and all we did is just replacing my.ini with my-huge.ini's config, after that we got following result:

Server version 5.5.34

Completed 200 OK in 836.6ms (Views: 592.6ms | ActiveRecord: 18.5ms)

Which is a drastic improvement, worth making!